Will Contests – Tarrant County, TX


You can include any number of persons or charities to receive your assets in the terms of your Will. Please note that a Will cannot override the terms of a beneficiary designation at a financial institution. Unfortunately, a family member who is disinherited or receives a small share of the estate may also be motivated to challenge your Will. Commonly, family members can challenge a document offered for probate based on various allegations including but not limited to a claim that the Will was not properly executed, there was undue influence, or it was signed as a result of duress. This Firm is familiar with contesting and defending Wills and will be able to provide advice on the likelihood of success after evaluating your specific facts. Will contests are case specific and a general allegation that the Decedent “would never have done this” is not enough without evidence. If you are considering a Will contest, start compiling a list of medical providers, medications, previous versions of Wills, and actions or statements made that support your theory that the Will is not valid. Reviewing this information will be helpful in providing an assessment of the case.